Artist Statement

It is important to me, that one experiences the emotion of wonder. A moment of experiencing wonder can stimulate curiosity. For it is curiosity that leads us to explore our surroundings.

My name is Ryan Ovsienko. I am a ponderous, creative, adventure seeking individual. As a flaneur, I am inspired to create by exploring my imagination and the environment around me. I crave to cause reflection and trigger the imagination, because everything begins with a dream.

I approach my work with a mindset of unconstrained imagination, free of preconceived boundaries and conventional rules. Compositions are created using the technique of long exposure by a DSLR camera. The technique of long exposure allows the free-flowing motion of light to be captured in space and time. The lights, which act as brushes for my canvas, range from tiny LED flashlights to large stage lighting. The visual rhythm of lines and patterns, created by light, take on unique forms, textures, and vibrant colors. As another part of my creative process, the composition and its character are further developed in post processing. I wish to leave the viewer engaged in a layered experience. Sending them on a journey of intellectual inquiry and challenging their perceptions.


Fluid and flowing lines are the rhythmic visuals created by Ryan Ovsienko.  The contemporary visual artist, born 1989 in Milwaukee USA, uses unconventional techniques to create his abstract pieces.

Ovsienko’s series Melodic Mayhem takes Picasso’s light painting in new directions, removing all remnants of the creator. He focuses on pure forms and vibrant colors which are influenced by urban art, individuality, and parametric design.

Primarily working in digital media, he follows his curiosities of experimentation. They lead to exploring media such as: Long exposure photography, digital manipulation, painting and installation. Resonating with the Graffuturists, always progressing, emerging paradoxical themes such as fluidity and structure appear in his works. Always creating a dynamic expression while embracing the organic and digital.